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Let’s make it work

The EU is committed to making employment – including salary – work for everyone.

The EU is working to ensure that all citizens are paid an adequate minimum wage. This will mean that you can provide for your family and should help reduce the gender pay gap as more women than men earn a minimum wage.

Why do we need to take action on income in the EU?


employees in EU in 2018 who were low wage earners

399 euro

the lowest minimum monthly wage in the EU


of minimum wage is needed to pay for average rent in some countries

How are we taking action?

15 million people

EU aim by 2030 for the reduction of people at risk of poverty or social exclusion compared to 2019

2 years

the time that EU countries have to translate into national laws the EU directive on minimum wage 

24 million people

could benefit from the Minimum Wage Directive

Your income while looking for work

Earning while you’re at work

Taking care of your future

Fair work and effective social protection