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Let’s make it work

Everyone deserves to be able to start a family when they want and to arrange their work in a way that works for them and their loved ones.

The EU guarantees you the right to a work-life balance so you can provide for your family without missing out on precious time with them. You and your family are covered by social protection, including access to health care services, and pensions.

Why do we need to take action on family in the EU?


of EU citizens say they are too tired from work to do household jobs at least several times a month

Almost 30%

of people surveyed said their job is preventing them from spending time with their family


of parents who use organised childcare find it difficult to pay for it

How are we taking action?

5 working days

to care for a member of your household

20 days of paid holiday

for all full-time workers in the EU

4 months

for parents to request in a way that suits them best (for example, in several blocks or part-time)

Balancing family life with your career

Feel confident your family is taken care of   

Access essential services while you look for work

Fair work and effective social protection