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Finding work that fits after moving countries

As a newcomer to Sweden, Lindelwa participated in an EU-funded project that helped her refine her skills and find suitable work.

When Lindelwa Mettavainio moved to the northern Swedish city of Luleå in 2017, it wasn’t easy to find a job. Originally from South Africa, Lindelwa was a trained machine operator, and was keen to find work in this field. Her opportunity came when she participated in a project called Workplace Luleå. Supported by the European Social Fund, the project helps newcomers to Sweden like Lindelwa to refine their skills and find work that best suits their interests and experience. For Lindelwa, the project was lifechanging. She now works as a machine operator for a Swedish company and is living happily in Luleå with her husband and son.

Fair work and effective social protection